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Jun 07, 2016  · Mine was a M/M massage where I was looking for happy ending my first one w/ a Pretty damn drunk with my college roommate (Erotic Couplings) What.
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Erotic Stories Erotic Couplings D. A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; — Virginia gets into sales — A masseuse and her.

After your first cock, did you. Reason: under age content. Find More Posts by larrycando. Or was it so hot, you knew literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton were hooked and a cock sucker for life. Probably something in between.

It felt right in my mouth it was huge and yummy. But it felt awkward cuz it was my first and I was confused about sucking another guy. Find More Posts by sexyjaygay. He had a large one and I was unsure of what to do with it, so I just drooled onto it and got it wet. I began massaging it with my hand and I felt him harden to my touch.

It felt like magic, very passionate and hot. Find More Posts by lilydance. Originally Posted by sexyjaygay. Find More Posts by SexyLitForAll. Thank you all for sharing your story with me.

I like to suck cock and be sucked. If a guy is going to suck mine just for reciprocal reasons, then I would gladly pass on that. I am not ever confused with that behavior by anyone who knows me. I have to advertise on Craigslist to make contact with other men who have this desire. I have not been fucked. Not sure I would like it.

I just get off on the idea that I helped another guy get a nut. I know just how important these things are. Find More Posts by bicurnow. You just cannot have too many orgasms! Find More Posts by tahoechunk. I was young and never was with a female. We sucked each other and it seemed so normal.

There were hundreds of times with him even before I had sex with a woman. First time was a man I met on a similar website. We chatted over coffee and drove to the top of a nearby parking lot where I fondled his cock and when he had his eyes closed I bent down and took him right to his balls. I was made to do this. Find More Posts Virginia bassmanal. Find More Posts by gunthernehmen. I was a bit embarrassed for about a minute. Then I knew wanted more. I had wanted to suck a cock for such a long time that I thought when I did get to that I would see stars and fireworks going off.

I knew as soon as the head of literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton cock hit the roof of my mouth and I closed my lips around his shaft, that I would do this again. I felt no shame or remorse. I was pretty much a loner in my personal life, and I suppose in many ways will always have this tendency. Sure I was a horny young man, but I think I was just as much interested in a guy spending time with me as getting off.

After all, if it was just the need to shoot, I do have my hands. It smells fine, but the taste I could do without. Now pre-cum is usually good, but by far the majority of men do not produce that much pre-cum anyway. While having someone go down on me was pleasant, it definitely was not orgasmic. So there I was enjoying the companionship of those fleeting moments with another guy, yet dreading the sex - wondering if this is what I had to look forward to for the rest of my life if I continued down this path.

It was rather a strange situation. Nevertheless, I erased his writings - not because of some moral code against paid sex, but because I knew I could never be that "hot" guy who would draw that kind of interest. I was in shape, and full of testosterone. Nevertheless, one day I figured out who it was who was writing those notes on the wall. He actually invited me to his hotel room.

Note, he himself was not what one would call a great catch either. He was simply a very plain man. Anyway, I probably went to his hotel more out of curiosity as to who he was, Virginia, than to get it on with him. We actually talked for quite a while before we got in bed. His story was actually deeply touching. Basically, several years before, he had met a real hot guy at least hot in his mind. They had actually became a couple.

Then a few years later, the guy said he got a message that someone in his immediate family had died, and he needed to go there.

Plus he needed some money to settle the estate. So the guy completely trusting his "partner" gave him money, and expected he would be back in a month and that would be that. Well his partner vanished off the radar. So he ended up hiring a private eye, literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton. Long and short, his partner wanted to break up, and felt that for his few years of being his partner, he deserved monetary compensation.

Well the guy of course was crushed, and felt so betrayed and he had trusted his partner with everything. Now some of you may be Virginia that you cannot related to this because you are not "gay".

However, that is beside the point. He wanted a hot one because if he was paying for it, he might Virginia well go for the gold. He was not some selfish asshole just flinging money to get what he wanted. Anyway, to get back to the juicy stuff. When we did hit the sack, I confided him that I had never really enjoyed the sex with another guy. However, I Virginia enjoy the time spent with another guy, and the physical closeness.

He knew I had never fucked a guy. Anyway, we went to the grocery store, and he bought some lotion. Perhaps it is similar to what a lesbian feels when they have intercourse with a dude, and it just seems wrong or foreign. Well all I can say is that from the moment my cock touched his hole until I was done shooting off, this was the most monumental moment of my life. All I know is that during the act it was as if time stood still.

Note, that I was never like a jack rabbit - racing to the finish line, but neither was I someone who just was laying there expecting my partner to do all the in and out with his butt. It was more like a slow paddle boat on a river going slowly down with the current. Words do not do justice to what I felt. It was like every holiday, Christmas, New Year, Forth of July. I do remember looking at his face and into his eyes and not recalling a look of discomfort. There was also this feeling that during the act I had become part of him as if we were one.

I was able to lay beside him for a while afterwards which was also meaningful to me. Sadly, I never saw the guy again in the restroom nor his writings on the stall walls. However, I will always be grateful to this man who gave me the opportunity to top. That to me is what makes me man and not just a penis. Even in my hay day, I could loose an erection if I detected that my partner was uncomfortable or experiencing pain, and just accommodating me to be kind.

I could also take a break and resume later if he felt that literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton position was cramping him. That later might even sometimes mean another day. I also learned that if you warm up a guy to the idea, he is more likely to give bottoming a try. That may mean carrying him into the bedroom. That might mean giving him a very long body rub.

That may mean rimming him, fingering him, etc. A bottom man should always be made to feel like what he truly is - a God send angel of mercy. It is something that can be an embarrassment if not clean or if he has gas problems. It is not an area of the body that a guy is going to "brag" about. Most men, will show off pictures of their junk - rarely of an asshole. It is also a part of the body that men are ingrained with the idea that if they derive pleasure there they are a real perv or in some way have ceased to be men, literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton.

Now some guys simply will never enjoy having their ass fucked. I never did, and I did the obligatory try plenty of times when I was young and naive and under the impression that it was a requirement to do the bottom role - especially if you are not hung. If you can convince a man, that you are not taking away his masculinity, and that you are interested in the man as a man and not just a fetish for his asshole - and that his pleasure and comfort mean as much as wanting to get off.

Then you might get lucky. I was never interested in being some kind of rapist. A successful top is not about overpowering another man, but rather taking that man with you on a wonderful journey. Sometimes, you just have to let it rest and hope that he appreciated your kindness as a sign that he will come back again and let you try again.

Because he knows he can trust you to do right by him. He is the one who is putting everything on the line. He is the one who has to wrap his head around the fact that doing this does not take away his manliness, literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton. He is the same man before as after, and you have to make sure he knows that. He is not my "bitch". Rather he is my salvation in that constant hunger that I have.

It can also be a profound since of surrender for the top to realize that you have just had a MAN trust you with his most intimate parts. Being that I bareback since I stick with monogamous relationships where HIV is not an issuethere is also the wonderfulness of feeling, smelling, tasting if clean of course that his asshole contains your essence.

I know I write to much, but it is so darned difficult to describe just how wonderful the whole act is. My only regret is that you can make love to a man for a lifetime, Virginia, but still you cannot create life, literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton. Yes the bottom is the better man because despite all the wonderful things a top can do to make the bottom have a wonderful time. A top man NEEDS this intense experience with another man. It is like a discontent or storm in ones being that yearns for calmness than can only be felt with this kind of union.

As I have said plenty of times, a bottom man is like an angel of mercy for a top that has a restlessness until he is one with another man. I was curious and wanted to try it with my best friend. I enjoyed it and was almost always the initiator, but I think he was ashamed by it and not as interested as I was.

Find More Posts by haurni. My daughter is also. Find More Posts by Shavedallover. Pretty damn drunk with my college roommate I love telling the story if anyone wants to chat on Yahoo IM or Skype about it! Falling Off Track Erotic Couplings.

What Starts in Vegas. We Have to Win! Loving Wives - Halloween Contest! Two-for-One Drink Special Group Sex. Find More Posts by CharlieGG. I guess in my head I still wanted to see myself as straight rather than bi and going down on a guy seemed Virginia step over the line. Then, a guy i met online for sex became my first real boyfriend. I still declined to suck him for the first two months of our relationship!

Luckily he didnt mind too much. Then one time I decided to surprise him, and while jerking him off, went down, let my tongue run along it then let it slide into my mouth. I sucked him until he came in my mouth and I loved it.

I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the firm warmth of his dick in my mouth. And the power I felt over him. Felt no shame, not in the slightest. Originally Posted by larrycando. You write with so massage east garden happy ending Chattanooga, Tennessee emotion and feelings. One thing is clear, I understand your feelings about MM sex.

You have spent the time reflecting on it. I am honored by your share. I love these first time stories! After my first time, yes, I felt shame, and yes, knew I wanted to do it again. The sense of shame added to the excitement. Find More Posts by MoleskineScribbler.

My first time was great! I waited far to long before I finally sucked a cock! I was not ashamed at all. I was with him two nights in a row. Now I think and want cock all the time! I was very nervous and excited all at once. He was very good with me, he told me that I could do as little or as much as I wanted. I just had on gym shorts and no underwear on. He stood up and pulled of his underwear off and said "what the hell I am going for it".

He sat down on my bed and reached up my shorts leg opening and started playing with my hard cock. I reached over and slowly and softly touched his hard cock. His cock felt different then mine in my hand, so hard but so soft!

I leaned over and kissed his cock head, OMG I was in heaven his mushroom head was so soft to my lips! I opened my mouth and slid my lips down his hard cock while I played with his balls in my hand. He let out a moan which turned me on even more! I stopped stood up and took my shorts off, as soon as I did he took my cock in his mouth! He sucked me while I played with his hard cock. He sucked on my cock while I stroked and sucked his cock.

What a feeling and sight, him sucking my cock while his hard cock was above me. I sucked his cock as deep as I could, Virginia, my lips on his base and his cock in my throat.

I moved my head up and down his cock. His cock shaft was so Hard and his head was so soft. I really liked sliding my lips over his head over and over and over. We played and sucked each other for over an hour before I came and boy did I cum! I just kept sucking him and rolled him over onto his back. I started sucking his balls and stocked his cock and he started moaning and then shot his cum all over my hand and his belly! I licked off my hand and licked up all his cum of his belly then opened my mouth and deep throated his cock and sucked him dry!!!

We layed there for awhile then went to bed in our own beds! This was the first night out of two!! We got back to the motel room a little after midnight after some partying and consumming some alcohol. Which made us both horny!

We could not get our clothes of fast enough. He got his clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed and layed back.

I looked over at him and all I seen was his hard cock begging me to suck it. I got between his legs and wrapped my one hand around his cock and the other one I caressed his balls. I licked up and down his shaft before I opened my mouth and took his cock in all the way to the base!! I slide my mouth up and down his cock over and over, Literotica massage happy ending roommate erotic coupling Hampton just love the feeling of his cock in my mouth.

The feeling of the difference between his hard shaft and spongy soft head! I sucked him for at least a half hour, I like hearing him moan and tell me how good I was making him feel! I stood up and wrapped my hands around both of our cocks. Wow what a feeling my hard cock against his hard cock in my hands stroking them together. Me rubbing my precum all over his cock and his precum all over me. We sucked, licked and stroked each other for a couple hours.

My mouth was so dry and getting sore, but I was not going to stop till I had his cum again! I stroked his cock while I slid my lips over his mushroom soft head. In and out over and over! After about the third or forth one, I came into his mouth!! OMG I have never felt so good! Show Printable Version Email this Page vB code is On Virginia are On [IMG] code is On.

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Virginia and Stewardess interface, deeply. Literotica is a trademark. I was curious and wanted to try it with my best friend. It was like every holiday, Christmas, New Year, Forth of July... View Public Profile Find More Posts by CharlieGG.