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  • May 15, 2018
  • Benefits of Business Texting

    Technology has helped many areas of business since they are many things that can be done with its help. The business world has experienced a big revolution due to texting which has paved the way for more business as a means of communication. To communicate with your clients and other workmates you only need to write a simple text and send it to them. Using texts will help the business reach more people due to many of them having access to their phones throughout the day. There are several advantages to using business texting, and they will be discussed below.

    Long calls are tiresome especially if the same message can be texted. Millennials consider this the best method of communication and have embraced it the most. Texting is more productive and can be used as a tool to beat your competitors. However, if your competitors already use this method, you will be able to catch up with them as soon as you implement it in your business. Additionally, texting adds a little bit of personal touch for example if you text one of your clients, it shows that you are closer to them over another client you email. You can retain your customers easily through texting as it will make them feel like they can easily relate to you as a friend and business person. Moreover, you can easily get feedback from your customers through texting when you ask them to review your products.

    When texting, you do not have to worry about not getting replies since it is cheap and fast. Reading and replying a message only takes about three minutes. Due to its efficiency, one can attend to other things while still engaging in a text message. It has been noted that people tend to reply to texts faster than they do to any other means of communication.

    No other costs are incurred if you need to text anyone which makes it inexpensive. To send an email, you need several things such as a good internet connection and a working emailing platform which could be expensive to acquire and run; it could also need some training in some cases. Loading credit into a phone is not expensive, and once there is good network signal, your message can reach people who are in various places in the country. Texting is an excellent marketing tool in this current times and a small price to pay to sell your good at higher rates. The only requirement you need to have is phone numbers of your frequent clients, colleagues at work and supplier so that you can reach them at any time of the day. Compared to other means of advertisements, this one takes the lead on marketing efficiency and low costs.

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